Website & APP Development

 1. Website Development

All entrepreneurs need to create a website but every specific project corresponds to a precise type of a website. Whichever website you need; a simple showcase website or a complex portal with hundreds of landing pages, the All-In Factory team of developers provides you with a full range of 6 different websites according to the type of your business project. 

showcases your company

A goal of a Showcase Website is to describe your company and its activity to your potential clients and to prove them that you exist. Having this website is the essential minimum for every entrepreneur who wants to create a company.


sells your products and services

Unlike a catalogue website, an eCommerce website has an integrated payment gateway and allows your clients to buy your products and services directly online, on your website. It is a perfect solution for those who want to have a 100% online business and rapidly increase turnover.


showcases your products and services

A Catalogue Website or a Business Brochure Website has similar characteristics to a showcase website but will describe your products or services in much more detail. It enables your prospects to see a complete catalogue of products and services that you sell. It is a great tool to acquire new clients and to encourage them to contact you.

promotes your company

Creating a Blog is an excellent way to promote your company. Write articles that your community finds interesting and increase traffic to your website. Having a Blog will help you acquire new clients and build brand awareness in your business sector.

provides various different services
to its users 

A goal of a Portal Website is to offer a large scale of different services to its users. It is a complex website that involves implementation of many features. Yahoo portal is an example of a Portal Website.

enables users to interact with each other 

The objective of a Community Website/Social Website/Forum Website is to allow users to communicate with each other. An owner of this type of website can then offer to his/her community different free or paid services.

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2. Mobile App Development

The market of mobile applications is rapidly growing and the number of Android and iOS downloads counts in billions. Even if the sector is very young, it progresses very fast and represents many opportunities.



 Windows Phone


 Consulting Session
Project Conception: Definition of main features and technical specifications
 Design of App Interface

 Developement of Application
 Upload to Relevant App Stores
 App Promotion



Native Mobile Applications 

 Ios: XCode, Swift, Obj-C
Android: Java, Dalvik
 Windows Phone: Net, Silverlight

Hybride Mobile Applications


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