Legal requirements to start a business in Spain

NIE, Health Insurance, Citizen Registration and more...

Spain offers many benefits to those who want to come here and set up a business. Mild climate, beautiful coastline and tapas offer a pleasant lifestyle. Moreover, Spanish government has been constantly improving conditions for entrepreneurship mainly in terms of tax breaks and funding. Barcelona Activa, for example, is Barcelona's government-funded programme to support entrepreneurs.

If you want to join those who decided to make their dreams come true and kick-start a business in Spain, the process of getting your residency permit and other things ready is a straight forward and pretty fast process if you let experts help you.

In order to start any commercial activity, all members of your future business team need to have, above all, a Residential Permit or NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero - Foreigner Identification Number). A NIE is obligatory for all EU citizens that want to move to Spain meaning not only those that want to run a business. However if you come to Spain to form a Spanish company (such as S.L. – Sociedad limitada) you will need, apart from a NIE, other legal documents/registrations described below in our Legal Services Package for businessmen.

Opening a business in Spain is worth it but can be tricky. In case you start your commercial activity without having all necessary legal requirements, you risk high sactions. It is therefore highly recommended to entrust all legal arrangements to an expert. 

Who is our Legal Services Package designed for?

This Package is specifically designed for all EU Citizens living outside Spain - non residents. It provides all the support required to start doing business in Spain for non resident Directors. Let us take care of all the paperwork & enjoy our complete solution to be able to set up your company in Spain.

Do you already have all you need to stay in and do business in Spain? Then check out our KICK-OFF package offering a turnkey company to start doing business asap! 

All-In Factory takes care of all your legal requirements to start your business in Spain quick and smooth.


for future businessmen

registration to the central Registry 

for Foreign Nationals

NIE Obtention

REGISTRATION  for health insurance

REGISTRATION  FOR social security

citizen registration IN 

"censo de habitantes"

spanish bank account