the KICK-OFF! package

A Turnkey company to start your business in Spain with success

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Launching a business in Spain efficiently has never been easier! The Kick-Off! package is designed for anyone who wants to start doing business in Spain with success, in a short period of time and with little initial investment. 

The All-In Factory team will provide you with a turnkey company ready to start doing business.


What exactly is a turnkey company?

Once you buy the Kick-Off! package, our full team of experts will turn your business project into reality. Not only we will take care of your Company Formation, we will provide you with a Logo, Business Cards, your own Website, a network of Prospecting Clients and our Accountant will explain you all your obligations as a Director of a company. The full company creation package to start selling efficiently.

Check the features below to see what exactly is included. If you are in an advanced stage of business creation, you can still enjoy our a la carte services or contact us directly to tell us about your needs and desires.

Once you buy the Kick-Off! package, we will contact you within 24 hours to ask you more details about your business project. Our lawyer will get in touch with you to start the procedure of company creation as soon as possible. Meanwhile a project manager will start coordinating our different teams - designers, website developers, marketers, prepare your logo, business cards, a customised database of prospecting clients and your website. We ask our clients to send us all website content. Our SEO experts will advice you on your content optimisation. We will cooperate together to deliver you the best results.

Meanwhile we will schedule a consultation with one of our experienced accountants. The compliance consultation is to outline to you as a new company owner the statutory annual compliance requirements for your company. The consultation can be carried out in our Barcelona office or via Skype. We work through a structured agenda but if you have questions that are outside of the compliance agenda, we will answer them of course.

Please check below the process in brief. 


What happens when you buy the Kick-Off! Package ?