Business Development

Business Development is the area with which fresh entrepreneurs often struggle the most. Finding first clients is not an easy task. Neither is cold calling which is often linked with fear of rejection. Many entrepreneurs will write scripts, research all details about prospects, think of what might happen instead of grabbing a phone and calling a prospect. To grow your business efficiently you should approach customers using proven sales techniques. All-In Factory provides your with a complete offer to grow your business with success.

What can we offer you?


✓ Creation of a tailor-made prospect database

Identification of potential clients:  name, surname, company,…

  Search for contact details you need: e-mail, phone number,…

Delivery as Excel Sheet


✓ Writing a prospecting email

Writing a reminder email

✓ Writing a prospecting message for social networks


✓ Preparation of an efficient sales pitch (or several, depending on your needs)

Preparation of suitable commercial arguments

✓ Preparation of answers on the most frequent client objections


✓ Email list dissemination

Dissemination of generic prospecting emails

✓ Dissemination of customised prospecting emails

✓ Dissemination of prospecting messages for social networks


✓ First contact to introduce your company

Appointment booking

✓ Telephone selling


✓ Representation of your company at trade fairs

Representation of your company at networking events

✓ Your company introduction / Appointment booking / Sales

A database of qualified contacts gathered at the event

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B to C Business Development

The goal of a B to C Business Development Campaign is to sell your products and services directly to individuals. Email dissemination, intensive cold calling sessions and participation to trade fairs or networking events are excellent, efficient ways to sell to private individuals.


Retail Business Development

The goal of a Retail Business Development Campaign is to market your products to supermarkets and retail distributors. It can also allow you to sell goods to wholesalers that will then take care of marketing them to different buyers.


B to B Business Development

If your company targets businesses than the best ways to reach your clients is launching a B to B Business Development Campaign. Such a campaign consists of creating a qualified contact database, customised email dissemination, appointment booking with your potential clients. A participation to trade fairs or Networking events is also a great way to meet your prospects and offer them your products and services.


developpement commercial all-in factory
The best way to find clients is launching a business development campaign.


International Business Development

The goal of an International Business Development Campaign is to market your products and services abroad. Traditionally, companies used to wait several years before expanding in international markets.  Nowadays, startups do not hesitate developing abroad after only few months after starting business activity. After launching an international press campaign to raise your brand awareness abroad, the next logical step is carrying out a business development campaign. First of all, you need to do all the translation work and then deploy one of the business development campaigns discussed above. Thanks to its international team, All-In Factory can accompany your company in expanding to the major foreign markets.