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Why create a mobile app?

The market of mobile applications is rapidly growing and the number of Android and iOS downloads counts in billions. Even if the sector is very young, it progresses very fast and represents many opportunities.

In general, there are two goals for mobile app development:

  1. Set up a company around a mobile application

Your mobile app is the core product of our company and the heart of your business model. It is the case of smartphone games such as Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Companies such as Uber, Whatsapp and Tinder have also become successful thanks to their mobile phone applications. Many niche sectors of a mobile app market are yet to be explored and developed which represents many opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop a successful mobile app.

  1. Create a mobile app to grow your company

Since more than 2 years, mobile overtook fixed internet access. Companies have quickly understood the advantage of creating a mobile app for their customers.

Your mobile app can become a new, supplementary sales channel for your products and services. It can also help you strengthen and improve your brand image as well as the relationship with your clients. Finally, you can use it as an efficient marketing tool to promote your special offers and new arrivals. Furthermore, designing a mobile app is also a good way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase turnover.

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Since more than 2 years, mobile overtook fixed internet access

How to create a mobile app?

You do not need any particular skill to make your desired mobile application. All you need is to come and see us with a detailed description of your application. Our team that consists of graphic designers, app developers and marketing and communication experts will help you with all app creation steps. All-In Factory takes care of the whole process from the design of the app to its upload to relevant app stores. Our skillful marketers and SEO experts can also take care of the promotion of your application in order to reach a high download rate as quickly as possible.

How much does it cost to make a mobile application?

The cost of the development of a mobile app varies depending on the technical specifications of your project. The lowest price for a good-looking, well-working app starts at 3000€ and may reach up to 500 000€ for the most ambitious projects. If you are considering creating your mobile app with us, our team will explain you in detail all different costs that a development of a mobile app bears.

How long time does it take a create a mobile application?

Again, everything depends on the type of application you wish to create.

If you would like your application to be intuitive, fast, without technical bugs and having a stylish, modern design, the typical project duration is 18 weeks on average. Such applications are much more likely to become viral. Its downloaders also use them on regular basis. The average project duration of 18 weeks will then vary depending on the technical specifications of your project.

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