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creation-juridique Company Formation
Incorporation of your company.
contable Consulting with an Accountant
A one-hour Consultation with an Accountant.
identité-visuelle Logo and Business Card Design
The brand identity of your future company.
Website Development
An SEO website with responsive design.
Creation of a Prospect Database
Creation of a tailor-made prospect database.


 From 1499€ excl. tax

*all fees and costs are INCLUDED (cost of company formation, domain name,...etc )


All-In Factory provides all necessary services to form and grow your company

We founded All-In Factory in order to offer to entrepreneurs and startups all skills necessary to form and grow their business. If you want to create a company, you will need an expertise in the following domains:


Legal & Accounting Services

Company Formation, Intellectual Property Protection, Collection of Unpaid Invoices, Accounting, Tax and Social Security Declarations, Annual Report, Business Plan,…

Website & App Development

Creation of Showcase Website, E-commerce Website or Creation of a Tailor-Made Website. Development of Ios, Android and Windows Phone Applications.

Visual Identity

Brand Identity Definition, Logo Creation, Business Card Creation, Graphic Chart Creation,…

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Networks Management, Adwords and other paid campaigns, Newsletter Management,…

Press Campaign

Writing and Dissemination of a Press Release, Press Kit Creation, Contact with Key Journalists, Launch of a Local or International Press Campaign,…

Crowdfunding Campaign

Management of a Local/International Crowdfunding Campaign using different platforms: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, KissKissBankBank, Ulule, Crowdfunder,…

Marketing Material

Creation of different Promotion Materials: flyers, posters, sales brochures, kakemonos, POS materials, or tailor-made materials.

Business Development

Creation of a Prospect Database, Writing Prospecting Emails, Preparation of a Sales Pitch, Sales Scripts, Email Prospecting, Cold Calling, Sales Representation,…

Translation / Text drafting

Translation and Writing of different Content in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian and Korean.


About us

All-In Factory: A provider of corporate consultancy services for entrepreneurs and startups.

All-In Factory was born when we realised that no entrepreneur has enough experience and know-how to start a business on her/his own.

We decided to create All-In Factory, a provider of corporate services that responds to all different needs of entrepreneurs and startups. We have set up a multidisciplinary team of experts that helps entrepreneurs to form and grow their company, whichever their business sector. 


All skills necessary to start and grow your business under one roof

All-In Factory is based in Paris and Barcelona but thanks to our multilingual team (more than 12 languages spoken) we are able to help entrepreneurs and startups from the whole world.

Are you missing specific skills to run or expand your company? All you need to do is to contact us specifying your business need. One of our project managers, expert in his/her field, will contact you within 24h to discuss your project with you.

Working with All-In Factory gives you automatically an easy and quick access to all skills needed for a company to succeed.



Our Team

To be able to provide a 360° coverage of corporate business services for entrepreneurs and startups, we had to set up a multidisciplinary team of experts. During our professional career in different startups and multinationals, we had the chance to meet very talented professionals with valuable know-how in different domains. Nowadays we have an international team of passionate and dedicated experts covering all needs to create and grow a startup business.




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