Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become an essential element of the Marketing strategy of all companies. It applies to both companies that sell their products or services exclusively online as well as traditional bricks and mortar companies. Regardless of what your target customers are, it is very likely that they use search engines and social networks. It is therefore crucial that your company exists and communicates on this platforms.

In any case, putting in place different Digital Marketing actions is one of the best ways to find clients and raise your brand awareness.

What can we offer you?


 Analysis (SEO audit, keyword choice)

On-Page SEO (Optimisation of keywords, titles, meta data, images,... of your website)

 Off-Page SEO (Link Building) 

 Follow up and result analysis (reports, statistics, optimisation recommendations and adjustments)


 Creation and Management of Google Adwords Campaign

Creation and Management of Facebook Ads Campaign

Creation and Management of LinkedIn Ads Campaign 

Creation and management of Twitter Ads Campaign 


 Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest…

Set up of a Social Networks Strategy 

 Establishment of Social Media Accounts

 Animating of an account (12-20 posts /month depending on the network)

 Promotion of social network account to increase number of followers/fans

 Comment Moderation

 Result Analysis, Monthly Statistics and Recommendations 


 Personalised Advice

Design of a unique Newsletter / Emailing Template

Writing of Newsletter / Emailing content 

HTML Integration

Sending of Newsletter / Emailing

Detailed report on campaign results

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Raise your website traffic by improving its optimisation

The number your website visitors depends very much on your search engine optimisation. Your first goal should be to at least get your website (your domain name) on the first page of Google. Optimisation of your landing pages will significantly raise your website traffic. Website SEO takes time and needs a certain knowledge of the latest techniques. Our team that consists of Google certified SEO experts works accordingly to the latest updates of Google: Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird which is a guarantee of an efficient sales-driving SEO.


Raise your turnover with a paid online advertising campaign

Regardless of what business sector your company is in, launching an online advertising campaign will enable you to reach your target group very precisely and efficiently. You can launch your campaign on the following platforms depending on the type of products and services that you sell:

Google: A Google Adwords Campaign will enable you to show in top results for keywords related to your activity.

LinkedIn: A LinkedIn Ads Campaign will enable you to reach more than 450 million business-people. It is the ideal solution if you are targeting a B to B clientele.

Facebook: Thanks to Facebook Ads, you can select very precisely your audience that will be viewing your advertisements.  The targeting criteria are very vast - going from geographical zone to age or hobbies.

Twitter: With Twitter Ads, you have the possibility to target your audience by choosing different criteria, similarly to Facebook Ads.


SEO - All-In Factory
SEO takes time and needs a certain knowledge on the latest techniques


Promote your products and services with social networks

Creating and animating a social networks account will allow you to establish a community of potential and existing clients around your company. This will enable you to stay in touch with your prospects and regularly promote your products and services. Social networks are also a great way to raise your brand awareness and find new clients.


Win your customers′ loyalty and increase your sales with a Newsletter

Designing a newsletter has a double objective: winning your customers′ loyalty and enlarging your list of potential customers.

A newsletter represents a regular contact with your clients. You can update them on the latest news concerning your company or offer them new products and services. It is an excellent way to encourage your customers to buy from you.

Moreover, a newsletter allows you to identify new prospects and convert them into clients. Once somebody subscribes to receiving your newsletters, you have all his/her contact details. This gives you the opportunity to offer regularly to that person your special offers or new products or services.

Sending a newsletter is known to be one of the best Digital Marketing tools in terms of return on investment.